Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hitchens vs Sharpton II

Christopher Hitchens debated Al Sharpton on Chris Matthew's Hardball program Thursday. This was a rematch between the two, the first bout taking place back in May at the New York Public Library (FIND IT HERE!) Initially, I wondered why Hitchens would bother debating Sharpton, who is an intellectual gnat. But after watching this second debate, it's clear that Hitchens isn't simply trying to increase book sales. He's also perfectly happy to allow a simpleton like Sharpton to "hoist himself by his own petard" and highlight the nonsense often spouted by "people of faith". The good Reverend constantly accused Hitchens of maneuvering rhetorically in an effort to dodge the question of the existence of God (among other questions), while Hitchens gleefully continued to provide answers in such a way as to zoom over Sharpton's head. I still have to wonder, however, why Sharpton is presented to us by the media at all, having long ago lost whatever credibility he may have once possessed.


Yeah Him said...

For the same reason that Courtney Love gets airtime...

people need someone to laugh at in a way that makes them feel better and more intelligent than the fraud on the screen.

Which kind of reminds me, when is Al's next run for president going to commence?

Rat In A Cage said...

Hitchins kicks ass. I love hearing him speak & have a few of his books still waiting to be read.