Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Generation Of Swine

I may have to impose upon myself a media blackout. That'd mean no TV, radio, newspapers, or InterWeb for at least a week or two. The more attention I pay to what's goin' on in the world, the more disgusted and depressed I become, and I'm already in bad shape emotionally as it is. I know a guy...he's pretty successful, has a great life, recovering alcoholic, sober for like 20 years. His secret, he tells me, is that he NEVER watches the news. He is the most uninformed guy on the planet, never knows what's goin' on, but I've never known someone so serene and happy-go-lucky. For him, ignorance truly is bliss. Until a tornado or chemical spill from a derailed train catches his ass unawares. No, I'm joking...but I can definitely see the benefits of not just ignoring all the bullshit, but not even knowing that the bullshit exists! Anyway, I'll keep the loyal fans in the loop if I decide to lay low for awhile. Maybe y'all can join me in a media fast.


Yeah Him said...

But what would we possibly have to make fun of if not for all of the news and entertainment that the media gives us as fodder?

That said, cool site.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

To Yeah Him: In that regard, you are right. The only antidote to the depression I suffer because of all the shit in this world is laughter. Thanks for the comment.