Friday, October 5, 2007

Dirty Little Secret

I can't believe the growing number of seemingly intelligent people who are taking this Secret bullshit seriously. The only person getting rich from this pseudoscientific, psychospiritual babble is Rhonda Byrne, the shameless "creator" of the DVD and book that is hoodwinking millions of people, including the already fabulously wealthy (but stupid) Oprah Winfrey. There aren't any novel concepts presented in the book or DVD, but the shallow, selfish, materialistic message is certainly appealing to an American culture obsessed with taking shortcuts to wealth. Why work for your money when you can just "think" it into magically appearing in your grubby little hands? Ugghhh! I caught a friend of mine reading the book recently and had to give her what for. I doubt she'll ever speak to me again...I'm not sure I'll miss her.

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Yeah Him said...

Oprah's sorry ass self used to push books like Seat of the Soul and I seem to remember the Sylvia Browne psychic books being attached to her name.

All things considered, after her debacle with "summer of faulkner" (read some of the oprites reviews on LIght in August, Sound and the FUry, and the classic As I Lay Dying... even with a primer, these fools didn't finish their $20 purchase), she won't be doing that again.

Then again, she's since murdered such classics as Night, Steinbeck, and Tolstoy.

Demon harpie skank.