Wednesday, June 11, 2008

People I Don't Know...But Hate Anyway (No.2)

Hate her stupid name. Hate anybody who insists on going by first name only. Overrated. Guy's think I'm crazy, but I don't find her the least bit attractive. Don't believe the hype.

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BUMBLE!!! said...

Hmm... let's explain Beyonce and Rihannah for that matter.

While they're black, they both have white women bodies and essentially white style. That makes them crossover acceptable since America (thank God) isn't desiring to see New York (or Missy Elliot) with all of her trunk junk naked.

Maybe it's just me and it's the effect of the allergies talking, but I do think Beyonce is hot (as is Rihannah).

I just hate the name and 99% of the music (Crazy in Love is catchy and Snow Patrol do a great cover version by the way).