Thursday, August 16, 2007

Repeated Viewing #1

SHOWTIME has been playin' the piss outta The Big Lebowski this month and I can't help but watch it when it's on. Hell, it's on NOW! I'm cravin' a doob and a White Russian. Didja ever notice that The Dude never actually bowls? That is, you never see him launch a ball down the lane. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart, if only because my first real(?) job was at a bowling alley. Good times...good times.


Yeah Him said...

You say Bowling, and I think of Bill Murray in Kingpin.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

Yes, Kingpin is the OTHER bowling movie that I hold dear. And I think The Dude DOES throw a ball in his fantasy sequence where he's going under the women's legs. I'll have to check.