Saturday, August 4, 2007

WTFF At Record High

Okay, two words: due process. Having said that, did any of you ACTUALLY READ the indictment against Michael Vick? Yes, I'm talking to you, SCLC! The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is planning to "honor" Vick this week at their annual gathering in Atlanta. SCLC president Charles Steele noted to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that "the organization would find some way to honor and recognize the embattled Falcon's quarterback who is under federal indictment on dogfighting charges." Okay, so, let me make sure I'm understanding you some point, maybe after Jesse Jackson's keynote address, or perhaps just before Barack Obama's speech on Saturday night, or possibly shortly after Bill Clinton cuts the ribbon on the new SCLC headquarters on Monday afternoon, the good people of the SCLC are going to "find some way" to HONOR Michael Vick? The nation's WHAT THE FUCK FACTOR has reached a record high! If Michael Vick is indeed innocent of the charges against him, that's great, good for him. But doesn't the HINT of possible guilt give pause to anyone at the SCLC? Why bother bringing Vick into this at all? The SCLC isn't just warning people to be wary of a rush to judgement, which would be the wise thing to do, but they are planning to HONOR Vick...somehow. Had they planned to do so BEFORE the indictments? It's sad, but this case, almost immediately, became an issue of race.

I only hope this situation will engender some kind of honest dialogue about the racial divide in this country. So far, it hasn't. Many pundits have been pointing out that the rise in dogfighting is a byproduct of its association and glorification in rap music and the inner-city drug trade. This may very well be true, but the implication is that dogfighting is a "black thing". But it wasn't so long ago (a few years now, really, I guess) that a dogfighting operation was discovered here in Northern Kentucky, comprised of good ol' boy redneck types. I can't understand the psychology of the type of person who would engage in or derive enjoyment from dogfighting, but I doubt that it has anything to do with skin color.


Yeah, Ving Rhames' dogs thought the guy was Michael Vick!

Sorry, had to do it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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Yeah Him said...

It's amazing how much people suck.
Only in America could people defend Michael Vick based solely on the color of his skin.

Then again, we choose to attack him based solely on the fact that he is a ghetto thug piece of trash with no respect for anything.

Oh for the days when Marcus was the thuggier Vick brother.